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The Collegiate Church to Wniebowzięcie Najświętszej Maryi Panny.
(Collegiate Church of Saint Mary's Rapture)
The Collegiate Church from XIV century is the finest rememberance of the Kartuzy's history. The characteristic roof in shape of a coffin is the architectural symbol of the city. The most valuable work of art in the Collegiate is a piece of the gothic main altar situated in the golden chapel and the beautiful stelles from XVI century, sculped with angels and the saints representations. The walls of the Collegiate are filled with many religious paintings.

The świętopełek's Grove, The Alley of Philosopher's, The Isle of Swan's.
Near the Collegiate at the Klasztorne lake, there is the świętopełek's Grove. A part of the świętopełek's Grove surrounding the lake is called the Alley of the Philosopher's. This place is very often visited by inhabitants. The Alley of the Philosopher's also lead's us to an unusual place called The Isle of Swan's where many festivals are held every year.

The Post Evangelican Church to Saint Casimir.
It is the one of the most important monuments situated at the Kartuzy's square. It is made of red bricks, with 100 meters tall tower and a roof covered with tinplates. It has twelve stained-glass windows with representations of the all twelve apostles.

The statue of St. Marry Queen of Poland.
The statue situted in the citypark opposite the city hall. It is a place where many patriotical ceremonies are held.

The Assessor's Bench.
The Assessor's Brench near the Chmielenska street is a good vantage point.. From this place you can see the picturesque panorame of the city.

The Saint Bruno's Square.
There is a monumet of Saint Bruno the patron of Kartuzy.

The Monument memorating Poland joining the European Union.
The monument was unveiled on 03 May 2004. It rememberates Poland joining the UE and the10 year anniversary of cooperation between Polish - Kartuzy and German - Duderstadt.

The cultural center "Kaszubski Dwór" (" The Kashubian Mansion - House")
It was opened in 1993 and it is running a cultural and educational activity. Young people have an oportunity to join some artistic and special activity groups. In the center there is also the city's library.

The Franciszek Treders's Kaszubskie Museum. (Kashubian Museum)
The Kashiubian Museum in Kartuzy was set up by Franciszek Treder. The museum's exhibition consist's of etnographical collection of agricultural, household and fishing equipment. You can find there the antiquities like agricultural tools or tools used in the household, some musician instrument's, Kashubian art, embroidery, pottery, toys and a lot more.

The Regional Group of Folk Song and Dance "Kaszuby"
The Group exists since 1946 and popularizes kashubian folklore at many events and ceremonies in Poland and abroad. The Group have visited most of the Polish biggest citys and many countries all over the world.

There are many sport clubs around Kartuzy like gymnasium's club "Cartusia", "KKS Sokół", "KSSZ Ormuzd", "UKS Mat", "UKS Gryf", "UKS Trops" and a lot more.

Tourism and Recreation
Not only the countrysides and architectural monuments are the advantages of the Kashubia region. The most beautiful value of the Kartuzy are its lakes. The lakes are connected so they make natural waterways good to train different water sports i.e. sailing. Of course there is no need to mention that it is a perfect place for anglers.

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