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On the 8 February 1920 Kartuzy became again a part of Poland. The city authorities were not sure about the emblem. Probably in the Prussian times the emblem was an escutcheon divided into two parts with a picture of Saint Mary in heaven on one part and seven stars on the other part.

This is the image of Kartuzy's emblem on the temporary 20 mark bank - note for Kartuzy and its district. It was valued since 1 March 1920. In the Prussian times the image of the Saint Mary was replaced with the Black Cross of the Teutonic Knights.

On the 10 December 1922 dr Aleksander Majkowski proposed a new emblem for Kartuzy. It looked like "a head of the black griffin with a silver beak and a red tongue, without the crown, on a blue background, with seven silver stars over its head". On the 29 March 1923 Kartuzy got its city rights according to the Ministry Ordinance from the 14 April 1923. Kartuzy got its emblem according to the Decree of the Minister of the Home Office Władysław Kiernik from 10 July 1923. The blue, white and black became the colours of the city flag. Under the German occupation during WW II Kartuzy had a different emblem. It was changed in 1941 and was used till the end of the war.

Since 1945 Kartuzy has the same emblem as the one before the WW II and it is valid till today.
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